Get to Know The Mystic Taurus

The Mystic Taurus is an online metaphysical shop and online space, offering magical tools and intuitive psychic services, based in Northern Ohio!

Meet Eryka

Owner and Founder of TMT

Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon

Artist, Mystic, Magical Gremlin

Hello Mystics!

My name is Eryka (she/her), I am 24 years old and have been a practicing Witch for over 10 years now!

I was first introduced to this mystical world as a toddler. Like many, I have had my fair share of paranormal/ghostly experiences when I was a kid, that essentially scared me into blocking off my psychic abilities. It wasn’t until I was about 12 or 13 when I started dipping my toes back into this world, starting with Tarot and Astrology!

I have since honed in on my psychic abilities, using them to help others on their spiritual, witchcraft journey’s through handcrafting specific tools for clients, offering divination readings and providing magical workings!